Divorce Lawyer & Mediator in Worcester, MA

There’s no easy way to get divorced, especially when child support or child custody is involved. Our adversarial legal system often worsens what is already a painful, emotionally charged situation. Pitting partner against partner, divorce lawyer against lawyer, the process is long, complex, and expensive—and can damage relationships beyond repair.

Family law attorney, divorce lawyer and mediator Marcia E. Tannenbaum provides more peaceful and effective ways to resolve a divorce and other family law disputes.

How to Divorce Without Expensive Litigation

A family law attorney and divorce lawyer for more than three decades, Attorney Tannenbaum offers expert guidance in both divorce mediation and collaborative practice—two non-adversarial approaches that enable you to resolve legal conflicts through negotiation, without litigating.

In mediation, the parties work with one professional mediator; in collaborative practice, each party has separate legal representation. With either approach, you all come together at the same table, in a safe space, where you are able to hear each other and to work out a mutually acceptable solution.

The process is driven by you, the client, rather than a pushy divorce lawyer and the court system. Mediation and collaborative practice should take less time than drawn-out legal battles and are typically less costly, both emotionally and financially. You resolve issues with your dignity in tact.

Solutions Through Mediation: The Law Office of Marcia E. Tannenbaum, Esq.

Licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and Connecticut, with offices in Worcester and Westborough, Mass., Attorney Tannenbaum works with families of all backgrounds on a wide range of disputes:

While Attorney Tannenbaum is a strong believer in the power of mediation and collaborative practice to resolve family law disputes peacefully, she is also a tenacious advocate for clients when litigation is the only choice.

To find out if mediation or collaborative practice is the right option for you, please contact us to arrange a free initial half-hour consultation with Attorney Marcia E. Tannenbaum.