As a family law attorney for more than 30 years, I am intensely aware of the complex and often deeply painful, personal struggles that arise when family members are immersed in legal conflicts. My goal is to enable you to resolve those conflicts respectfully, within a safe space that enables all parties to feel heard.

For all of my clients, I am committed to providing expert, ethical, compassionate legal counsel. While I am a staunch advocate for my clients where litigation is the only option, I prefer helping you to reach a fair and equitable settlement through mediation or collaborative law.

The key to these two forms of respectful conflict resolution is your willingness to come to the table, together, to negotiate a mutually acceptable outcome. Particularly when a marriage is unravelling, the mediation process enables you to disengage from negative and destructive communication and to recreate your relationship in a way that allows you to continue separately as respectful co-parents, or, if there are no children, to let go of your marriage and move forward with dignity.

Mediation Attorney in Worcester MA

I work with a wide range of family clients—from couples who are divorcing to grandparents and adult children in conflict over grandparent visitation rights, from parents locked in custody disputes to families arguing over decisions about an aging parent’s care and finances. I also help employers and employees to disentangle from workplace conflicts and build more effective business relationships.

I am committed to helping my clients achieve a fair and reasonable agreement. I believe that peacemaking, rather than waging war, is better for your family, better for your soul, and better for your future.

Marcia E. Tannenbaum

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