Divorce Resources

Divorce Guidelines & Forms

Massachusetts Financial Statement and Child Support Guidelines

You can find links here to current guidelines. Be prepared to click through several links to get to the actual materials.
Child Support Guidelines

Massachusetts Law Library

A comprehensive set of downloadable forms needed to file for divorce in Massachusetts.
Divorce Forms

Understanding Divorce

Vocabulary of Divorce

Marcia’s glossary of terms related to divorce.

Books About Divorce for Parents and Kids

Sam Margulies, JD, PhD, has written two terrific books for divorce clients: A Man’s Guide to a Civilized Divorce and How to Get Divorced Without Ruining Your Life.

There are many other books for adults and children. Your children’s librarian at your public library is an excellent source for recommending current and standard literature for you and your child. Also, please see Marcia’s recommended booklist.

Professional Resources & Organizations

Parenting Solutions

Dr. Sylvia Sirignano, PhD, a developmental psychologist, works with Marcia and other divorce and mental health professionals to help parents and children through the process of divorce. She serves as a Child Specialist in the collaborative law process and is a member of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council, and is also a trained divorce mediator and member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation. Marcia shares handicapped-accessible office space with Dr. Sirignano in Westborough, Mass. Parenting Solutions: 508-366-7557

Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council

A non-profit organization made up of professionals dedicated to helping clients resolve their legal problems out of court. Members include specially-trained family law and civil lawyers, coaches and facilitators, child specialists, financial professionals, mediators, and others who can help you meet your goal of achieving an out-of-court settlement in a respectful manner. The website includes excellent content about divorce and family law issues, and productive dispute resolution. www.massclc.org

International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP)

An international community of legal, mental health and financial professionals working in concert to create client-centered processes for resolving conflict. This website includes many excellent resources that explain collaborative practice, as well as an international directory of collaborative practice professionals. www.collaborativepractice.com

Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation

A professional association of family mediators who mediate a wide range of family issues. The website is a useful resource for learning more about mediation and includes a directory of mediators throughout the Commonwealth. www.mcfm.org

Mediation Works Incorporated (MWI)

A nationally recognized dispute resolution service and training firm specializing in resolving a wide range of difficult interpersonal and organizational disputes. Marcia is MWI’s Worcester, Mass., attorney-mediator. http://www.mwi.org