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Welcome to Solutions Through Mediation

Nov. 4, 2011

Welcome to the new website for Solutions Through Mediation, Marcia E. Tannenbaum, Esq.

On our blog, we will address concerns and answer questions from our readers/subscribers about Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Practice and the workings of the Probate and Family Court.

Our topics will include:

  • The new Alimony Statute, MGL ch 208, sec 48

  • Child Support in Massachusetts

  • How to choose a lawyer/mediator/collaborative professional

  • Mandated Parenting Courses

  • The UMASS Court Clinic

  • The Mediation Confidentiality Statue

  • Why you should have a prenup

  • Merger/survival of a Separation Agreement

We look forward to hearing from you and engaging with you.

Marcia E. Tannenbaum