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I appreciated Marcia’s gentle patience with us as we negotiated our way through an unknown and emotional process. She was always very easy to talk with, and careful and thorough to make sure that we understood the purpose and meaning behind the written language in our agreement.

L.K., Sterling, Mass.

Through her mediation, Marcia helped navigate us through a difficult and stressful divorce process in a way I felt I could trust. She also came up with the creative idea that got us through an extremely difficult sticking point, and I’ll always be grateful for that.

D.M., Worcester, Mass.

I had interviewed other attorneys before I met Marcia, and breathed a sigh of relief when I decided to hire her. She is a good listener as well as a bright, energetic, and extremely competent attorney. She clearly knows her stuff and the Probate Court system. She was head and shoulders above our opposing attorney. She is professional, courteous, and keeps in touch regularly. Marcia truly served as an advocate for me and eased what could have been a very painful process. I knew I was in good hands. I am pleased with all of the work she has done for me, and I recommend her highly.

A.F., Holliston, Mass.

Marcia’s determination in seeing that the separation agreement was adhered to by the other party was key to her ability to mediate. She made it possible for the visitation guidelines to be observed and resolved. Also, the mediation of contemptible circumstances by the other party was resolved without filing for a court appearance, which resulted in quality time for all. Good mediation saves time and money, and especially parental alienation. Now my son is almost 18, and since we resolved this very quickly a few years back, we are all in a much better situation.

S.G., Marion, Mass.

I’ve known and worked with Marcia Tannenbaum for about three years at this point. She is an astute attorney and perceptive and sensitive human being. Marcia is easy to work with and good on her feet in the courtroom. I would recommend her enthusiastically for anyone seeking representation in any aspect of family law.

F.J., Ipswich, Mass.