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Family Law Mediation Attorney in Worcester, Massachusetts

Family Law Attorney in Worcester, MA

Stepparent Adoption

When a stepparent wants to adopt a spouse’s child from a previous relationship, complex issues can arise, such as gaining consent from the other biological parent. A non-adversarial forum lends itself to the resolution of these issues.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Having a pre-nuptial agreement is a responsible way to ensure that you and your soon-to-be spouse have discussed your finances in a comprehensive manner that includes full disclosure of all assets, debts, and financial expectations. Your marriage will be stronger if you have done this work before your wedding.

Post-Nuptial Agreements

Post-nuptial agreements can help couples who are experiencing marital difficulties to redefine financial obligations to each other, either to remain in their marriage or in anticipation of a future separation. Mediation is an excellent, effective means to work together to create both pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

Marital Mediation

Unlike the therapeutic process — which emphasizes relationship history and the psychological development of each individual—marital mediation addresses presenting concerns and issues, and uses conflict resolution skills to help you create an effective plan and new rules for a marriage that works.

Compassionate Legal Guidance

Will Contests

The loss of a loved one is always painful. The pain is all the greater if a will disinherits a family member or someone inherits less than expected. Although the settlement of a will contest does not mean that all parties will feel they’ve been treated equally, the opportunity to address a perceived injustice can help you to gain a sense of closure.

Elder Mediation

When an older family member is in transition, needing enhanced care at home, moving from the family home into assisted living, or moving to a nursing home, mediation can help all involved to define which family member is responsible for what, in terms of time and money, and can clarify the decision-making process as the elder’s needs increase. Bringing Mom and Dad into this discussion empowers them and reassures other family members that the voices of all involved will be heard.

Other Intra-Familial Conflicts

Conflicts between parents and grandparents often occur when opinions clash over how to raise children. Generational conflicts sometimes arise when parents are divorcing or redefining relationships with their families of origin. Mediation can help clarify the issues and devise a solution that works for all parties. Most importantly, mediation can bring everyone to the table for these difficult discussions.

Workplace Mediation

When workplace relationships are mired in conflict, everyone in the business suffers, as does your bottom line. The same principles that inform divorce and family conflict resolution also apply in workplace conflicts, whether between a supervisor and a staff member or between colleagues who share tasks. Mediation is an effective way to resolve these conflicts in order to promote maximum efficiency and productivity.

Mediation Training

Marcia has been very successful in mentoring mediators who are new to the field. She also has many years of experience training professional mediators.